• Power Tongs of Grande Prairie
  • Integral Tubing & Casing Tongs
  • Computer Torque Monitoring
  • Circulating Equipment
  • Handling Equipment
  • Bail Extensions
  • Power Thread Washing Units


Drifters Casing Service is committed to providing a safe work environment for its employees, clients and other work personnel present at the work site. This includes personal safety and the protection of property on the job in accordance and compliance with company practice, industry standard and government regulations.

We maintain adequate standards of maintenance on our handling equipment and tong trucks ensuring all hazards are guarded or eliminated. All employees are fully trained at their work task while our management perseveres to fulfill the client’s expectations on the job. All inquiries are welcome, Management is always available to discuss upcoming work or comments about past job performance.

Drifters is COR certified in Alberta and British Columbia with active WCB accounts in both provinces along with being affiliated with ISNetworld, Complyworks, Enform-Secor, Drifters also holds a Safety Fitness Certificate with a Federal Operating Status.


Insert from Drifters Casing Service – Safety Manual – Revised December 2014

Our goal is to have an injury and accident-free workplace.  Drifters Casing Service is committed to this safety program and all applicable acts and regulations.  We strive to maintain a safe and healthy workplace and provide safety equipment, training and the time to make this possible.

Everyone within Drifters Casing Service, including management and supervisors, are responsible and accountable for the company’s overall safety initiatives.  Management and supervisors support and expect participation in the safety program by all workers.

Workers are responsible for obeying all safety rules, following safe work practices, procedures and wearing the required personal protective equipment.  Workers who knowingly violate our safety rules may face disciplinary or legal action.

Workers are responsible for informing supervisors of any unsafe work conditions and reporting all accidents and incidents immediately.  Workers are responsible for the safety of others workers and to work safely.  Everyone has the right and responsibility to refuse to do work when unsafe conditions exist.

Through continuous safety consciousness, we can accomplish our goal.


Drifters Casing Service is committed to providing a safe work environment for its employees, clients and other work personnel present at the work site. We are affiliated with ISNetworld, Complyworks, Enform-Secor, and have an Alberta Safety Fitness Certificate.

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    Drifters Casing Service is a locally owned and independent oilfield service company operating out of Grande Prairie, Alberta since 2000.

    Our primary focus is Power Tongs, Integral tubing tongs and WinCatt Computer Torque Monitoring along with all associated handling equipment for casing and tubing from 2 3/8" to 13 3/8".

    We also provide thread washing and thread inspection and have a wide variety of equipment and trucks to service the seasonal changes in the oilfield.

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